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Posted in Uncategorized by emelks on December 9, 2009

Just received.

Thank you for your e-mail below.

I am a bit confused thereby.

Is the code you are plowing through one that is used to analyze the
temperature observations, or is it a general circulation model used to
simulate past, present and possible future climates?

Also, please explain what you mean by “the outright fraud committed in
the code”.

Lastly, your physicist friend is not correct about the relative role
of greenhouse gases and the sun.

I attach a paper wherein we analyzed the contribution by both and by

Since our analysis in the above paper in 2000, the variations in the
output of the sun constructed from proxies, such as sunspots, for the
period before we started to observe the sun from space, 1978 to the
present, have been reduced by about a factor of 5.

If you wish I can send you Judith Lean’s paper on this.

We have now extended the analysis in our paper above to include about
10 more years of temperature observations, and the result is shown here:

You can see that the contribution to the observed warming by the sun
is quite small.

If you are interested, I can answer the question in the right-hand

Lastly, here I share with you an update of the graph that appeared in
Andy Revkin’s blog on 30 November:

You can find what I wrote there at:

I may be delayed in responding to any further e-mail messages from
you, as tomorrow is my last class in my Climate & Climate Change
course, with its final exam being this Friday. So, I will need to
grade this exam and my students’ term papers. But, thereafter I will
respond to any further e-mail messages you send me.

One final thought. I have 3 children aged 37, 35 and 17 years old.
And I have 6 grandchildren aged from 6 years to 1 year old. I too am
very concerned about their welfare, the welfare of their children, and
the welfare of all children everywhere, especially in Africa & south
Asia, which locations will be hit hardest by human-caused global-
warming/climate change. If you wish I can elaborate this. What is
not widely appreciated is that the climate change that we have caused
and are causing has a very long lifetime because Earth is 70% covered
by ocean which, unlike the land, can move vertically, thereby removing
heat from the surface and delaying the time required to re-equilibrate
the climate system. If you wish, I can expand on this further.

But for now I must return to preparing for my last class tomorrow.


Prof. Schlesinger


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